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The author behind Women's Words of Wisdom, Power & Passion
A dedicated wife, mother and full-time carer for her husband who is wheelchair bound, Tania has gone beyond the call of duty to also become a leader in her field as a Carer Ambassador for four charities. As well as being an inspirational speaker and author of the best-selling book Love Has No Limits, this amazing woman with a huge heart has now been awarded an Order of Australia on Australia Day 2011 for 'Service to carers and their families'. Tania tells us of her unwavering commitment to spare time for others …

What qualities do you aspire to have? To always be a loving, kind, compassionate person who stands up for the truth and always puts others needs before her own.

As a mother, what is the best advice you would give to your children? To be a giver in life and to always help out those less fortunate than yourself.

With your hectic schedule of full-time carer and mother, how do you maintain a balanced, happy and healthy life? Eat healthy, exercise as much as I can, be a good friend, give of my time to others, remember to take time to smell the roses.

Can love conquer all? True love can certainly conquer all. No matter how big or small the obstacle, it has the ability to create miracles and bring you closer than ever before. It is the greatest gift you will ever give or receive and once you find it, you will never let it go.

Why is love so important? Love is so important because it is the simplest thing you can rely on and the only thing that will never fail.


“When you love someone so much, you will do whatever it takes to keep them alive. Years later I can now look back and say that against all odds we made it, which proves that with love on your side, nothing in life is ever impossible.”
Tania Hayes OAM
Excerpt from Women's Words book