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The author behind Women's Words of Wisdom, Power & Passion
June Dally-Watkins

Having just clocked up her 60th year in business, June and her highly respected modelling agency are still going strong. As one of the first women in Australia to start her own corporate business and as one of our nation’s most famous models, June is the ideal lady to tell us why modern day manners are still as valid today as yesteryear …
Have manners gone down the gurgler in modern society? Being rough around the edges will only take us backwards in time, yet we need to be moving forward. Anyone can be tacky, but it takes a special person to care about the image they portray. If we conduct ourselves in an acceptable way, we will be respected, do well in life, get a great job, marry and raise children with tough love, so they too will carry on our worthwhile values.
What do you teach your students about the importance of modern day manners? After 60 years of teaching many thousands of students I know absolutely, the things that cost nothing are the most important – dignity, self respect, speech, good posture, good manners, kindness, a smile, talking eye to eye and the greatest of all – love! None of these things can be bought – it's up to you!
What do you think is the biggest challenge we face as a society? I do feel concerned for the downward turn in the attitude of some young people these days and not so young too. I have named them the ‘ME’ generation – they seem only concerned with themselves. There is a lack of consideration for others. They seem always concerned with something else instead of face-to-face connection. They are on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, with iPods in their ears, continually on mobile phones, text messaging and glued to television. Many don’t understand good manners simply means being kind, thoughtful and considerate to other human beings.
Etiquette means knowing how to conduct oneself in various situations at work and socially. How to conduct ourselves at the dinner table, hold our knife and fork, the stemmed glass, etc, all reflect a person as refined or rough. All humans should want to be the best they can be in every way.

“Many [young people] don't understand good manners simply means being kind, thoughtful and considerate to other human beings.”

June Dally-Watkins OAM
Excerpt from Women's Words book